Letterman Vasrity Jackets

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A letterman jacket symbolizes baseball design jackets with letters. It has worn by high school and college pupil to display and represent their team. All Letterman’s varsity jacket has their special letter patch. It is also called a Varsity Jackets or Baseball Jackets in high schools and colleges.

There is a little difference between baseball and men varsity jackets. Baseball jackets usually made from single material without any changes in fabric between body and arms. While varsity jackets for men have a change in fabric of fleece and leather between arms and body of the custom jacket.

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Men Varsity Jackets were only for students once but nowadays many celebrities have adapted this trend of wearing these jackets as their outerwear. You can also buy your high school varsity jacket and get into this new trend.

We are a manufacturer of cool and trendy designs of letterman mens jackets. We stitch these jacket custom sizes for men and women. It is a jacket with sleeves that are normally with a different color and material. All body of this jacket is of different color and material with a zipper closure.

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A leather varsity jackets usually comes in two color combination. Our famous and demanded colors are red and black. But black letterman jackets are also high in demand. Some students order these jackets for high school matches of basketball and baseball. So, get your own customized varsity leather jackets within your budget.